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Energy Actions Exhibition

Updated: Apr 14

With rising energy costs, and the need for all of us to be more sustainable, we partnered with The Energy Team based in the Market House in Dunleer to deliver an Energy Actions Exhibition on 25th August. A marquee was set up in the car park at Centra with lots of information and tips on energy conservation and the supports available, financial and advisory, to retrofit buildings to make them more sustainable. The stand was manned by members of The Energy Team who were able to deal with queries from local residents who visited throughout the day. Our most recent Household Sustainability Survey indicated that people were unsure about what supports were available and would like further details and to be put in contact with those that could provide the necessary guidance. The Energy Actions Exhibition delivered on that objective and our own committee took the opportunity, as partners to the event, to produce a Climate Action Pledge which attendees signed up to the results of which, when analysed, will inform future actions and initiatives in our Tidy Towns programme. Congratulations to Breda Kinahan who was the lucky winner of the Eco Hamper in the free raffle among all those who supported the Climate Pledge.

Check out the slideshow above for more pictures

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