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Dromiskin Delivers for National Spring Clean 2024!

Getting to grips with litter and illegal dumping is an ongoing battle and one that often has to be fought by volunteers as part of annual Tidy Towns programmes of work. Such was the case in Dromiskin when two significant spring clean events were held to get the village and the wider community sparkling.

The first clean up as we saw previously was an evening event in collaboration with the local Primary School, St Peter’s NS, when 29 young litter patrollers from 5th and 6th Classes divided into four groups each with two adult leaders and covered roads that looped around the village, removing litter from roadside verges and footpaths. 

The second event on Sunday 21 April covered a larger area and saw 18 teams taking to the highways and byways of the wider community on Sunday morning to clean assigned stretches of road. Alcohol related litter was prevalent on all routes while many of the hardy volunteers also had to deal with much larger items including tyres, traffic cones and an oil drum. Many of these rural roads feature gripes where waste materials were deposited out of sight but were removed as part of this major clean up. The number of bags collected between the two events filled a large skip provided by Louth County Council and clearly highlighted the extent of the litter problem that had to be dealt with. While the community was sparkling following all the hard work there is little doubt that it won’t stay litter free for long as people continually discard litter without any thought for the impact this has on the local environment.

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